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As of now, I've uploaded 60/113 chibis! The series is still going, by the way. I think what I'll do is upload them in 5s or 10s until I actually get caught up with my blog haha.

Speaking of blogs, someone actually managed to talk me into making an art blog. So that's a thing.

I have been doing more art than just my chibis, so I am also working on transferring those over to here as well.

[Tumblr Art Blog] [Tumblr Main Blog]
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Ah. I guess I should really be taking better care of my account, huh? It's not that I'm not doing art, I've just been on tumblr more than here. Sorry about my sudden disappearance!

That said, I'll try to start uploading some things here tomorrow! And hopefully it'll keep up with my blog. 
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My chibis. The ones I've been invading your inboxes with every once in a while. Yeah...sorry about that! I just have so many (I've reached 100!) and I wanna get this account caught up with tumblr and facebook! So...expect more! I will throw other artwork I do in between so I won't bore you, though!

...Also! I managed to change my name! So now it won't look so weird when I sign it!
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I've become engrossed in tumblr and convinced myself that I'll always be a crappy artist so much that I'd given up on my deviantART. But now I think I should return to it, fix it up, and start posting art again! That of course means a lot of stuff I'm not really proud of will be going to my scraps or deleted entirely. I also have a little series I've been posting on tumblr that I'll bring here. And once I round up enough cash to upgrade to the premium account, I'll change my name to match that of my tumblr.

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There are a few doodles and whatnot that I think are...*satisfactory* for my standards. And I've been wanting to sign some of that stuff to claim them as my own. But...I just don't like the name ashurin-chan :I. And I don't want to be known as graffitibree like on tumblr for simple stupid reasons. So I've been thinking about a new name for a long time now...

Something that includes tea/teacups lol. But I also have a musical theme in mind as well. "Rhyme", "Leitmotif" and "Nocturne" are all words that I like..."Mocha" and "Cappuccino" or something about "crepes". Food-themed as well lol. I'd kinda like to go by leitmotif, but I'm not sure how that sounds to others.

Why is it so hard for me to come up with a name that sounds cool and describes me? xD
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I do have a tumblr, by the way. I don't post have much artwork posted yet, but I would like to in the future.

I'm hoping to change my name here to match that one~
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I threw some pictures into the scrapbook. I'm trying to figure out how to organize my gallery to show my extra good artwork...but then I realized I don't have ANY extra good artwork. I really need to work on my backgrounds...

Anyway, I'm also working on 2 different projects, both of which are comics, so hopefully I can actually get them done.

And I've also learned that dA is allowing name changes. So I'll definitely do that as well when I feel like my art is good enough for me to start trying to make a name for myself lol.
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That's where I've been lately. So...expect doodles? ^^;

I've had a little bit of free time lately, so I've been working on some things. That is, my Vocaloid doodles. And I really need to sit down and draw something one day x___x I don't think I've been taking my artwork as serious as I should be.

Need more time...
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Looks like my art block is over xD. I have so many random ideas to draw...I already finished 2 (Panda Hero, Duck/Platypus of Doom).

I want to start on the Vocaloid guys, but I was waiting for Lui Hibiki's demo. I might just start without him, though~.
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That Vocaloid picture was supposed to get rid of my art block...not sure if it worked...:shrug:
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Because I am a fan~.

It's just hard for me to find what I'm looking for because I'm so picky with my choices. I really care about who's the uke and the seme in most cases, and the roles I like aren't that popular. Fanart isn't that hard when I really look, but finding a good fanfiction is like D:! Especially since I'm picky with my fanfiction too (in-character, plz).


Gold x Silver - From PokeSpe. uke!Silver, because I get that vibe from him.

Red x Green - From PokeSpe. uke!Green, just because~~.

Green x Silver - From PokeSpe. uke!Silver, because duh.

Naruto x Sasuke - From Naruto. uke!Sasuke, because Naruto is manlier xD. Also, sasUKE.

Deidara x Sasori - From Naruto. uke!Sasori, because he's a shorty.

BlackStar x Death the Kid - From Soul Eater. uke!Kid, because BlackStar wouldn't have it any other way.

America x England - From Hetalia. uke!England, because...because.

Russia x China - From Hetalia. uke!China, because Russia is a bulldozer over him. I actually prefer this pairing in a sick, non-con sort of way... .___.

Shizuo x Izaya - From Durarara. uke!Izaya, because it's fun.

Neku x Joshua - From The World Ends With You. Don't really have a preference here~. I do like uke!Joshua a bit more, though.

Ryou x Bakura (Tendershipping) - From YuGiOh. uke!Bakura (Hahaaa!), because it's interesting!!

Seto x Atem (Prideshipping) - From YuGiOh. uke!Atem, because he couldn't be the seme if he wanted to.

Jounouchi x Atem (Dragonshipping) - From YuGiOh. uke!Atem, because he couldn't be the seme if he wanted to.

Marik x Bakura (Psychoshipping) - From YuGiOh. uke!Bakura, because Marik is taller and more psychotic and sadistic. Also, Bakura has a girly voice.

Atem x Bakura (Darkshipping) - From YuGiOh. uke!Atem, because Atem couldn't be the...yeah.

Ichigo x Uryuu - From BLEACH. uke!Uryuu, because Uryuu is an uke no matter what.

Anyone x Toushiro - From BLEACH. uke!Toushiro, because he's tiny.

Jack x Yusei - From YuGiOh 5D's. uke!Yusei, because it rhymes. And Yusei seems like an uke.

Kiryu x Yusei - From YuGiOh 5D's. uke!Yusei, because it works.

*Bakura = Yami Bakura, Marik = Yami Marik, Atem = Yami Yuugi, Jounouchi = Joey, Kiryu = Kalin
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I won't waste anyone's time with a tl;dr of ALL my favorite anime/cartoons/shows, so I'll just do some of my favorites. And you'll find out the other ones through fanart that I'll draw in hopefully the near future~.

Starting with the obvious, Pokémon. Although I am more into the games than the anime. The only reason I'll watch the anime is for gym leader battles. I'm also a big fan of Pokémon Special *hopes for PokéSpe anime…knows it won't happen :noes:*

Next is, another obvious one, Naruto. I stopped watching the Naruto anime sometime around that Sora filler arc and I stopped reading around the Hokage summit with the exception of a few chapters. I was told to continue it for the lulz, so I've been reading it on and off lately, it's just really hard to get back into it when I've missed so many chapters :XD:. What I am into is the characters and the games, though. My favorites pairings are NaruSaku and ShikaTema, though I don't mind any of them except for NaruHina. I HATE what the fandom turned NaruHina into. I also like all the characters, except for Hinata :grump:. I don't like what the fandom did to Hinata very much…at all. When I draw fanart and write fanfics with her in it, I won't bash her. It's that fandom of hers that makes me want to destroy things.

I also like Soul Eater, Panty & Stocking with Garterbelt, Gash Bell, Fairy Tail, Fullmetal Alchemist, Black Butler, Hetalia, Durarara, Yu-Gi-Oh!, and I just recently started watching Working, Blue Exorcist and Madoka Magica.

There's more, buuuut, this is turning out to be too long so…yeah :XD:.
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I've been rewatching it lately. It's such an awesome show, I love how they handle all the characters and the fights always stay interesting. There isn't a character that I don't like, though Maka's eagerness to get stronger sometimes annoy me, she's still adorable so I can't hate her. Of course, I am comparing it to Naruto in my mind, where Kishi introduced so many characters and some get forgotten (and in some cases, even a main character is forgotten). Soul Eater has the designated main characters and they all have their time to shine, which I like.

It's such a creepy show too. Crona's faces, Stein's faces when the madness gets to him, and freakin' everything about Asura just scares me. Granted, it doesn't take much to scare me in the first place. But still…I refuse to watch that show at night lol.

The show has an odd style too. It's not the usual anime style; the noses are the first thing that come to mind. Then there's the rounder face shapes. And also the eyes. I LOVE the eyes; it makes the characters so cute! I always liked the design of the 2 women at the place Spirit likes to visit.

Here's another thought. How old are they supposed to be? Black*Star's like, 14 or something, right? I remember in one episode he said he was just a baby 13 years ago, so I believe he's in that area. But are all of the protagonists in that age range? Tsubaki's taller than Black*Star, and Liz and Patty are taller than Kid. When Soul stands up straight, he's a nice height. And Crona's really tall too. I think the ages range from 14-16, most of them being about 15.

And on that height thing, I wish we were given actual heights and weights. It would sure help my drawings and fanfiction x__x really, the only ones bothering me is Kid and Black*Star. Kid is short, and sometimes he's REALLy short lol. Black*Star sometimes actually looks kinda tall, when you don't compare him to Tsubaki or Liz. And sometimes he and Kid look about the same height. It's so confusing!

Well anyway, I think that's about it. Just some random thoughts that pop into my head while watching Soul Eater haha :XD:

EDIT: One more thought. Maka and Kid become really annoying later on. Like, when they get all suspicious and stuff. Especially Maka. They're students, they don't have to know everything that happens in the academy. Unless I'm misunderstanding something, they should've just done what they were told and left the rest up to the academy. Episode 42 made me angry because of how stupid Maka was.
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I'm confused about how to use them. :dummy:

Like, for my Naruto and Pokemon fanarts, do I have to put the whole copyright message to the right owners on them? Or is it enough to just say that they don't belong to me? Or do I have to do it at all?

What about my own fanarts that I don't have the watermark on. Do I have to make my own copyright thingy up? I just don't want to get myself in any kind of trouble lol.
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Although I'm still nervous...but this makes me want to draw a lot more than I have been lately. And maybe one day I'll make something super awesome!
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